5 Website mistakes you should avoid

5 Website mistakes you should avoid

February 16, 2019 Blog 0
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What are the top 5 website mistakes you should avoid?

Nowaday every businees show have a website, period.

This can skyrocket your business or drag it down like a rock in the water, so you will want to avoid as many website mistakes as you can. 

Over 80% of consumers admit that they will judge business’s credibility based on how good their website design is. 

For the most part, you will only have about 15 seconds to get a visitor’s attention before they leave, so you will want to make sure you leave the best possible impression.

We’ve compiled below 5 mistakes for you to avoid!

1. Too much text

Most people on the Internet want their answers fast and they don’t want to have to search through long paragraphs to get them. 

2. Slow load times

Most of the people on the Internet expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less and are ready to leave a website if it takes any longer. 

Patience is hard to find nowadays, so you better do whatever’s in your power  to speed up your website. 

3. Bad images

Having poor product photography or overall bad images on your website will be a huge mistake that will cost you visitors, customers, and in the end money. 

4. Out-of-date Information

If you make the mistake of not keeping your business information up-to-date on your website then you could miss out on a lot of potential visitors and customers. 

5. Discrepancy in website's design

If you have an overall amateur design potential customers aren’t going to take you seriously and if your website design is, well, bad, then people are probably not going to trust your business and will look for what they want elsewhere. 


From mistakes we learn, always! That’s why we thought about giving you some useful tips that you can apply right away.

In the end, everything you want is that visitors not only stay but return to your website

Build an easy to use website and fill it with with good content! This will help you and everyone interested!